Minnesota Guidelines for Medication Administration in Schools - May 2005

(Updated: September 2005)

Maternal and Child Health Section graphic of an outline of a parent with a child in the middle of the outline of Minnesota.

The Minnesota Guidelines for Medication Administration in Schools were created to increase the safe administration of medications to students in schools. Many children who have chronic and/or acute health conditions can attend school because of the effectiveness of their prescribed medications(s).

The Minnesota Guidelines for Medication Administration in Schools were developed collaboratively by the Minnesota Departments of Education, Health, and Human Services, the Minnesota Board of Nursing, and a statewide multidisciplinary work group.

The guidelines are intended for school districts, school boards, principals, health educators, school nurses and those they delegate to administer medications, parents, and students themselves.

“About 13 million children in kindergarten through 12th grade take medication in any two-week time period, according to a study by Ann Maria McCarthy, an associate professor at the University of Iowa. Most common are AD/HD medications, followed by over-the-counter and asthma medications, respectively. In another study, looking at changes in medication in schools, McCarthy found that students were taking about 200 different kinds of medications in 2003, up from the 58 found in a late 1980s study.”

Vail, Kathleen. “The Medicated Child.” American School Board Journal, March 2005 Special Reports. http://www.asbj.com/specialreports/0305SpecialReports/S1.html


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