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Galactokinase deficiency (GALK)


Galactokinase deficiency (GALK) is one type of galactosemia. It is an inherited condition in which the body is unable to properly digest galactose, a sugar found in all foods that contain milk and some fruits and vegetables. If a baby with GALK eats food containing galactose, undigested sugars build up in the blood. If GALK is left untreated, children with GALK develop cataracts. When the condition is identified though newborn screening and proper treatment is initiated immediately, individuals with GALK generally have no problems with their eyes.

This condition is also known as: GALK deficiency, galactosemia II.

To learn more about Galactokinase deficiency, visit Baby's First Test: Galactokinase deficiency. Visit Board Certified Metabolic Providers (PDF: 2 pages/204KB) for a listing of medical specialists and clinic contact information.