Benign Hyperphenylalaninemia (H-PHE)


Benign Hyperphenylalaninemia (H-PHE) is a mild form of phenylketonuria. It is considered an amino acid condition because people with H-PHE have problems breaking down phenylalanine, an amino acid which is a building block of proteins. Most people with this condition experience mild or no symptoms. Some individuals benefit from dietary intervention.

This condition is also known as Hyper-PHE, non-phenylaketonuria - mild type, variant hyperphenylalaninemia, PKU variant, hyperphenylalaninemia, hyperphenylketonuria.

To learn more about Benign Hyperphenylalaninemia, visit Baby's First Test: Benign Hyperphenylalaninemia. Visit Board Certified Metabolic Providers (PDF: 2 pages/204KB) for a listing of medical specialists and clinic contact information.