Maternal Wellbeing Innovation Lab - Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Maternal Wellbeing Innovation Project

The Maternal Wellbeing Innovation Project used a group problem-solving process (Social Innovation Lab Guide (PDF)) to identify new solutions for supporting moms during and after pregnancy, funded by a community innovation grant from the Bush Foundation. The group looked at the services and supports that were currently offered, thought about what they had seen or would like to see, and also considered what would work well within their specific cultural communities. The Lab determined key elements of programs women would want, to support their perinatal mental health, and used that information to write the Maternal Wellbeing Program Launch Grant Application.

The Maternal Wellbeing Program Launch Request for Proposals was announced July 15, 2015 and the grantees were selected in August 2015. With additional financial support from the City of Minneapolis Public Health Department, three organizations were awarded funds to pilot Maternal Wellbeing Programs. The three Maternal Wellbeing Programs launched Fall 2015 and will complete their pilot projects in 2017. The pilot projects are being run by:

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Maternal Wellbeing Plan and Information on Maternal Depression or Anxiety