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Perinatal Mental Health - Information for Health Professionals

Minnesota's Postpartum Depression Education and Information Legislation requires hospitals, WIC clinics and providers that serve pregnant and new mothers to provide written information about postpartum depression - the info sheet and maternal wellbeing plan, these materials are available for all to use.

Info Sheet and Maternal Wellbeing Plan

Tips and Tools for Implementing Screening in a Pediatric Setting

These materials were developed through the Postpartum Depression Screening Quality Improvement Project, using lessons learned.

Clinical Guidelines for Implementing Universal Postpartum Depression Screening in Well Child Checks (PDF)

Basic Work Flow for Screening in Well Child Checks - PHQ9 (PDF)

Basic Work Flow for Screening in Well Child Checks - EPDS (PDF)

Scripts/Words to Use in Screening for Postpartum Depression in a Pediatric Setting (PDF)

Selecting Which Well Child Visits to do a Postpartum Depression Screen (PDF)

How to Document and Chart Postpartum Depression Screening in a Pediatric Setting (PDF)

This project was administered by the Minnesota Department of Health, as part of a larger Adult Medicaid Quality Grant from the CMS, awarded to the Minnesota Department of Human Services. This project is funded in whole by Federal money provided by the Adult Medicaid Quality Grants Program as defined in section 2744(c)(2) and 2745 (g) of the Public Health Service Act.

Screening Tools

Universal (not risk-based) Perinatal Mood Disorder screening is recommended for postpartum mothers, in the first 12 months of the child's life.

Screening Tools- Free and Approved for Billing by MN

Pre-Screening Tools

Screening fathers or other primary caregivers, or screening mother by proxy

More Information on Screening Tools and Options for Alternative Languages

Research on Screening Tools

Billing Guide

Pediatric Visits

Screening at Well-Child Visits

Screening Workflows

Here are two work flows, developed by through the Postpartum Depression Screening Quality Improvement Project, for implementing universal PPD(A) screening within well child checks:

Research on screening in Well-Child Visits

Postpartum Visits


Additional training for professionals can be found at these websites.

  • Depression in Mothers: More Than the Blues
    A free toolkit designed for providers who come in contact with mothers experiencing depression. It includes facts about depression, screening tools, referrals, resources and handouts for mothers who are depressed.
    Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration: Toolkit for providers.

  • Support and Training to Enhance Primary Care for Postpartum Depression (Step-PPD)
    A free online training course for primary care providers designed to increase understanding of postpartum depression (PPD), and provide education on caring for women with postpartum depression. The course covers basic understanding of PPD, how to assess PPD, and how to treat PPD.


Posters and flyers can be a good way to raise awareness in your practice about postpartum depression.