EHDI Grantees

2016-2019 EHDI Grantees

The Eliminating Health Disparity Initiative (EHDI) is a grants-based program administered by the Minnesota Department of Health Center for Health Equity. EHDI was established during the 2001 Legislative session. The goal of EHDI is to improve the health status of Populations of Color and American Indians (POC/AI). Use the drop-down menus below to learn more about current EHDI grantees and their grant-funded programs.

Grant Type Priority Health Area Serving Residents
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Hmong American Partnership

Project name: Diabetes Education Project

Grant Type: Priority Health Area Implementation

Project Description: Hmong American Partnership will provide community education around diabetes in the Southeast Asian communities and new refugee communities. We will provide education, screening, individual and group counseling and clinical referrals.

EHDI Grant Activity Outcomes: 1. To identify level of knowledge of diabetes in the Hmong and Karen communities. 2. To identify potential partners among medical clinics and hospitals. 3. To identify gaps in services for diabetes education and treatment in the community. 4. To identify staff and receive training as Diabetes Prevention lifestyle coaches. 5. To identify best practices from SEA health professionals and cultural-based community organizations. 6. Identify organizations that have existing diabetes prevention programs and establish collaboration. 7. Engage community leaders, decision makers, and elected officials about issues that are affecting SEA health and wellness to increase capacity and awareness of diabetes prevention. 8. Increase the number of people and groups working to improve health and well-being to increase reach 9. Develop new and non-traditional partnerships, particularly with health care clinics and organizations. 10. Improve access, appropriate utilization of services, and help integrate health services across the continuum. 11. Provide information and training for health care providers, staff, patients and families for creating and sustaining effective partnerships. 12. Increase knowledge of diabetes and prevention strategies among SEA and refugee communities. 13. Connect families at risk of developing diabetes or pre-diabetics with clinic services. 14. Enroll 40 pre-diabetic in year one into We Can Prevent Diabetes program, reach 500 with one-to-one counseling, provide information to 2,000 community members. 15. Assure that all communications in the program, conversations, materials and educational and support meetings, are offered in the appropriate language and at the level of individual patient and family understanding.

Racial/ethnic group(s) to be served:
Asian/Pacific Islander

Priority health area(s):

County(s) Served:

Geography and Population Served: Southeast Asian immigrants and refugees in the Ramsey County area.

Contact: Mai Moua

Street address:
1075 Arcade Street
Saint Paul, MN 55106
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Phone: 651-291-1811
Web site:

Executive Director: Bao Vang
Phone: 651-495-1507