EHDI Grantees

2016-2019 EHDI Grantees

The Eliminating Health Disparity Initiative (EHDI) is a grants-based program administered by the Minnesota Department of Health Center for Health Equity. EHDI was established during the 2001 Legislative session. The goal of EHDI is to improve the health status of Populations of Color and American Indians (POC/AI). Use the drop-down menus below to learn more about current EHDI grantees and their grant-funded programs.

Grant Type Priority Health Area Serving Residents
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Southside Community Health Services

Project name: Clippers N’ Curls for the Heart

Grant Type: Priority Health Area Implementation

Project Description: Southside’s Outreach team has worked collaboratively with local barbershops and beauty salons for the past 5 years to bring targeted education about heart health to the African American community. Southside’s outreach staff and nursing agency partners teach barbers and beauticians about hypertension and heart disease and encourage them to have conversations with their barbershop/beauty salon clients about heart health. Each partnering barbershop/beauty salon is equipped with an onsite, automated blood pressure kiosk and hosts annual “Clipper Clinics” where RN’s and CHW’s are available to answer health and social questions in the community, in places community residents know and trust.

EHDI Grant Activity Outcomes: 1. By September 2016, the program will convene a program advisory group comprised of project stakeholders who will meet four times per year to provide input into the programs’ enhanced and expanded program design. 2. By September 2016, program staff will conduct an analysis of data and results from the program’s previous year to use as input to plan and enhance the program design. 3. By October 2016, program staff will use the input from the advisory group to plan a program design. 4. By November 2016, the program staff will present a draft program design to the advisory group to get input on a final program design.

Racial/ethnic group(s) to be served:

Priority health area(s):

County(s) Served:

Geography and Population Served: African American adults in the Twin Cities Metro area.

Contact: Autumn Chmielewski

Street address:
324 East 35th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55408
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Phone: 612-822-9030
Web site:

Executive Director: Ann Cazaban
Phone: 612-821-2800