Minnesota Center for Health Statistics

The Minnesota Center for Health Statistics

The core functions of the Center for Health Statistics include:

  • The collection and analysis of health-related data
  • The design and implementation of public health surveys
  • The coordination of health data collection efforts at the state and local level
  • The provision of technical assistance and consultation


1994-2013 Minnesota Vital Statistics Trend Report

U.S. Census Demographic Data by County

2014 Minnesota Youth Tobacco Survey Results

2016 Minnesota County Health Tables (2015 data)

General Statistics

Minnesota Vital Statistics Interactive Queries
Allows the user customize online queries of birth, death and population data.

Minnesota County Profiles (Minnesota Public Health Data Access)
Contains county data on socio demographics, asthma, COPD and heart attack hospitalizations, cancer incidence, childhood immunizations, air and water quality and oral health.

Minnesota County Health Tables
A yearly report containing birth, death, population data as wells as selected morbidity and utilization data, chemical health, environmental health and child health.

Minnesota State, County, and CHB Vital Statistics Trend Report
A summary of demographic, natality, and mortality trends for Minnesota, its 87 counties and Community Health Boards (CHB). The report's demographic section has five years of trend data. The natality and mortality sections aggregate years into four 5-year groupings.

Minnesota Health Statistics Annual Summary
Yearly information on births, deaths and pregnancies.

Minnesota Student Survey
A survey of 6th, 9th and 12th grade students conducted every three years. This site, starting with 2004 data, has reports by state, county, race/ethnicity and special topics.

Minnesota Public Health Data Access -
A web-based data access portal that includes data on asthma, birth defects, childhood lead poisoning, heart attacks, and reproductive & birth outcomes. Users may gather information on trends over time and conduct queries of state and county-level data in Minnesota.

Minnesota Vital Signs
Periodic report highlighting various natality and mortality topics at the state level.

Selected Public Health Data Websites
A list of selected websites that contain public health data for Minnesota. Data are from MDH, other Minnesota state agencies, national agencies and other organizations.

Racial and Ethnic Statistics and Reports

A collection of Minnesota specific reports on the health status of racial/ethnic communities. Reports include Disparities in Infant Mortality, Populations of Color Health Status Reports, and Health Disparities by Racial/Ethnic Populations in Minnesota.

Topic-Specific Statistics and Reports

Infant Mortality in Minnesota

Induced Abortions in Minnesota

Tobacco Reports
Download recent tobacco reports from the Center for Health Statistics

Low Birth Weight Outcomes Among Medicaid and Non Medicaid Funded Births in Minnesota

Health Equity

Reports on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) in Minnesota:
Adverse Childhood Experiences in Minnesota - Executive Summary
Minnesota ACEs data release and community forum PowerPoint presentation
Adverse Childhood Experiences in Minnesota data appendix

Statistics From Other Organizations

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Attention: Non-MDH link.

Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Attention: Non-MDH link.

More Information

Specific Statistical Requests
For a fee, the Center for Health Statistics will run special requests on birth and death certificate data.


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