2002 Minnesota County Health Tables: Morbidity and Utilization

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Selected Morbidity and Utilization Statistics (PDF: 48 pages) (1 table per county)

Table 1a, b & c: Cancer Morbidity
Table 2: Vaccine Preventable Disease Morbidity
Table 3a & b: Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Other Selected Diseases Reported
Table 4a & b: Selected Health Care Providers
Table 5a & b: Non Fatal Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
Table 6a, b & c: Long Term Care Facilities Utilization and Discharges
Table 7a, b & c: Behavioral Risk Factors, Health Status and Health Care Utilization
Table 8: Diabetes Prevalence in Medicare Population
Table 9: Diabetes Preventive Care in Medicare Population
Table 10a: Hospital Discharge Claims in Medicare Diabetes Population
Table 10b: Total Reimbursed Charges in Medicare Diabetes Population
Table 11: 2001 Minnesota Student Survey Crosswalk

Table 12: Seatbelt Use (PDF: 44 pages) (1 table per county)

Table 13: Injuries in Motor Vehicle Crashes (PDF: 44 pages) (1 table per county)

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