Minnesota Vital Statistics State and County Trends

Minnesota State, County, and Community Health Board Vital Statistics Trend Reports

These reports are a summary of demographic, natality, and mortality trends for Minnesota, its 87 counties and Community Health Boards. The demographic section has five years of trend data on selected indicators including population size, poverty rates, and unemployment rates. The natality and mortality sections aggregate years into four 5-year groupings. Natality indicators include low birth weight, prematurity and prenatal care initiation. Mortality indicators include age-adjusted deaths rates for cancer, heart disease, stroke, and unintentional injury.


Vital Statistics Trend Report, 1997-2016 (MS Excel)


Vital Statistics Trend Report, 1994-2013 (MS Excel)


Vital Statistics Trend Report, 1993-2012 (MS Excel)


Vital Statistics Trend Report, 1992-2011 (MS Excel)


Vital Statistics Trend Report, 1991-2010 (MS Excel)

For single year mortality and natality rates and percentages, go to the Minnesota Vital Statistics Interactive Queries Website