Health Equity Data

Selected Sources for Minnesota Data related to Health Equity

MDH Sources

White Paper on Paid Leave and Health

This report underscores how a lack of access to paid sick and family leave contributes to health disparities.

White Paper on Income and Health

This report documents the relationship between income and health using Minnesota specific data.

Advancing Health Equity in Minnesota: Report to the Legislature

This 2014 report assesses Minnesota’s health disparities and recommends best practices, policies, processes, data strategies, and other steps that will promote health equity for all Minnesotans.

2007-2011 Minnesota Infant Mortality by Race/Ethnicity Data Book

This report provides statewide data in infant mortality including infant mortality rates by age of mother, race of mother and birth weight of infant by race/ethnicity of mother.

Minnesota Public Health Data Access

This portal provides interactive charts, maps and queries on over 18 health and environment topics, including cancer, asthma and child lead poisoning. Data on poverty, income and health insurance (coverage) are also available. These data may be used to evaluate trends and geographic patterns for health inequities.

2012 Minnesota County Health Tables

The 2012 Minnesota County Health Tables includes social determinants of health (SDOH) for Minnesota, its 87 counties and 20 Community Health Boards. The demographic section has data on poverty, single parent households, high school education, medical assistance and houses built before 1980. The morbidity section includes indicators on WIC (women, infants and children) enrollment and uninsurance rates.

Minnesota State, County, and CHB Vital Statistics Trend Reports

SDOH indicators included in these reports are unemployment rate, food stamp utilization, per capita income, median household income, poverty, students eligible for free and reduced meals, high school graduation and drop out rates, and mother's education.

Reports on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) in Minnesota

An adverse childhood experience (ACE) describes a traumatic experience in a person’s life occurring before the age of 18.  The following ACE report includes information SDOH and health outcomes for adults living in Minnesota.

Adverse Childhood Experiences in Minnesota - Executive Summary

Minnesota ACEs data release and community forum PowerPoint presentation

Adverse Childhood Experiences in Minnesota data appendix

The Health of Minnesota: Statewide Health Assessment

This report presents a wide array of indicators and information about statewide influences on health such as poverty, education, employment, social connectedness and environment.

External Sources

Wilder Foundation of MN - Unequal Distribution of Health in the Twin Cities 2010

This report by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation and Wilder Research finds that health and life expectancy are strongly connected to median area income, neighborhood conditions, education and race.

Minnesota County Maps on Poverty, Income and Economic Opportunity (MN Budget Project)

A portfolio of Minnesota maps at the county level that includes housing costs, employment, poverty and income inequality.

CDC Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion - Health Equity

This site provides links to various links to reports on health disparities, social determinants of health and heath equities from a national perspective.

Minnesota Families and Child Well-Being Indicators

This Minnesota Department of Human Services interactive website provides citizens with tools to compare Minnesota counties on 10 performance measures related to the well-being of children and families.  Content areas are adoption, child protection, foster care, child support, family assistance and food support, plus various social and economic factors. Three different types of customized reports are available:  multi-year trends of a single measure, single county profiles of all 10 performance measures and county rankings of a single performance measure


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