Health Equity Data

Health Equity Reports

White Paper on Paid Leave and Health

This report underscores how a lack of access to paid sick and family leave contributes to health disparities.

White Paper on Income and Health

This report documents the relationship between income and health using Minnesota specific data.

Advancing Health Equity in Minnesota: Report to the Legislature

This 2014 report assesses Minnesota’s health disparities and recommends best practices, policies, processes, data strategies, and other steps that will promote health equity for all Minnesotans.

Reports on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) in Minnesota

An adverse childhood experience (ACE) describes a traumatic experience in a person’s life occurring before the age of 18.  The following ACE report includes information SDOH and health outcomes for adults living in Minnesota.

The Health of Minnesota: Statewide Health Assessment

This report presents a wide array of indicators and information about statewide influences on health such as poverty, education, employment, social connectedness and environment.

External Sources - County Data

2013 Health is More than Health Care: St. Louis County Health Status Report (St. Louis County, Public Health and Human Services) - reports on the health of St. Louis County focusing on geographical variations of life expectancy and mortality.

Health Inequities in the Twin Cities 2012 (Wilder Foundation) - reports on life expectancy by various social determinants of health including income and geography.

Health outcomes by SDOH


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