Guide Health Equity Analysis

HEDA: Conducting a Health Equity Data Analysis

A Guide for Local Health Departments in Minnesota

Analyzing health inequities requires a process that uses data to identify health differences between population groups instead of only examining the population as a whole. The process then continues by identifying and examining the causes of these population differences in health.¬† “HEDA: Conducting a Health Equity Data Analysis” ¬†provides information on how to think about and analyze data related to health equity, and serves as a starting point for understanding how to document health inequities in Minnesota.¬† The Guide is organized into the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Conducting the Health Equity Data Analysis
  • Sharing Findings
  • Using Findings to Advance Health Equity
  • Data Challenges
  • HEDA: Conducting a Health Equity Data Analysis: A Guide for Local Health Departments

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