Minnesota Death Search 1997 to the Present

This is the lookup index of deaths in Minnesota from 1997 through last month. This index is updated on the first day of each month. Not all deaths are presented for registration immediately following the event. Some records may not appear in the index until weeks or even months following the death.

  1. Enter the deceased's first name.
  2. Enter the deceased's last name.
  3. Enter the date of birth using mm/dd/yyyy as the format.
  4. OR
  5. Enter the deceased's first name.
  6. Enter the deceased's last name.
  7. Enter the social security number without hyphens.

If the name entered does not exactly match the name as legally registered, the index may not locate the record. If the date of birth or SSN entered is inaccurate, the record will not be found. Failure to locate a record in this index is not proof that there is not a registration for the individual with differing information.

Many 20th century deaths may be located through the Minnesota Historical Society Death Certificates Index.