Amending a death record through the informant

Requesting an amendment to a death record through the informant

The informant is the person who provided information about the deceased person to the funeral home so that the death record could be filed.

If you are the informant, you may request an amendment by submitting an Application to Amend a Death Record through the Informant PDF   (a notarized statement) to the Office of Vital Records or a county vital records office, which states that you are the informant named on the original documentation of death, that the requested amendment is accurate, and that you are requesting the death record to be amended. There is a $40 fee for the amendment as required by Minnesota Statutes, section 144.226.

If you know the informant, you may ask the informant to sign the notarized statement.

For more information about how to submit the notarized statement to a county vital records office, contact the county vital records office nearest you. Most county vital records offices have both mail and in-person services.

To submit the notarized statement to the State Registrar, mail your notarized statement and fee(s) to:

Minnesota Department of Health
Central Cashiering - Vital Records
PO Box 64499
St. Paul, Minnesota 55164-0499

If you are not the informant, you do not know the informant, or the informant cannot help you, you may request the amendment through the funeral home, a local issuance office, or the state registrar.