Amending a death record through a local registrar

Requesting an amendment to a death record through a local issuance office

1) Please note that requesting an amendment to a death record through a local issuance office is limited to amendments to the following:

  • the deceased's full name including the maiden name if applicable
  • the deceased's marital status
  • the deceased's social security number
  • the deceased's sex
  • date of death
  • place of death
  • the deceased's date of birth
  • parents' names
  • spouse's name
If you want to amend an item that is not listed above, you must amend the death record through the state registrar.

2) A $40 fee is required by Minnesota Statutes, section 144.226.

3) Submission of at least one document that supports the amendment and meets the requirements of Minnesota Rules, part 4601.1100 is required.

Pay close attention to the requirements. An amendment cannot be made if you do not provide original or authenticated documents that are in good condition and that support the amendment you are requesting. We suggest that you print the requirements for documents list for reference.

4) A completed application or a written request is required. If you are requesting the amendment by mail, the request or application must be notarized.
Application to Amend a Death Record through a Registrar
Adobe PDF (18Kb/1pg)

5) For additional information and instructions, contact a local issuance office in any Minnesota County. Most local registrar offices offer both in person and mail services.