Reference Documents

MR&C Information

The Minnesota Registration & Certification (MR&C) System is a statewide, web-based registration and issuance system for pre-authorized individuals to register births and fetal deaths with the Office of Vital Records at the Minnesota Department of Health.

Complete the MR&C User Agreement (PDF) to get a username.

NEW Watch the MR&C password reset instructional video.

To add a birth attendant to MR&C, complete the Birth Attendant Application and Change Request (PDF).

Birth Registration Manual (PDF 59pgs)

Worksheets and Instructions
  • Worksheet and instructions for creating your child's birth record (PDF)
  • Worksheet exception request (PDF)
  • Mother's Worksheet, Hmong (PDF)
  • Mother's Worksheet, Somali (PDF)
  • Mother's Worksheet, Spanish (PDF)
  • MEDICAL 2-page Worksheet (PDF)
  • Fetal Death worksheets (PDF)