Requirements for documents submitted to support the amendment of a death record

Documents to support the amendment of a death record

Minnesota Rules, parts 4601.2100 and 4601.1100

Documents that will be considered if each document is applicable, authorized, readable, reliable, and valid.

  • for date or place of death, a notarized statement from a person who was present at the death and can verify the accuracy of the requested change
  • a certified copy of a marriage certificate
  • a certified copy of a birth certificate
  • a divorce decree
  • a legal description of the place of death that has been properly recorded with the county recorder
  • social security number history (Numident) printout from the Social Security Administration
  • a court order that instructs a registrar to make the requested change

Court Orders
If you submit a certified copy of the court order that specifically directs the death record to be changed, you do not need to submit any other supporting document. The court order must clearly identify the death record to be changed by, at a minimum, stating the first and last name of the decedent as the name appears on the death record and providing the date of death or the decedent's date of birth.

Changes to the death record are limited to changes that are instructed by the court order. If you are requesting changes that are not instructed in the court order, you must submit additional documentation.

Other Documents
According to Minnesota Rules, part 4601.2100, subpart 7, the state registrar has the authority to consider other documents to support an amendment to a death record. If you cannot provide one of the documents listed above, submit the amendment requests and the documents you can provide to the Office of Vital Records.

Cause or Manner of Death
A notarized statement from the physician who provided the cause of death on the death record or from the coroner or medical examiner in the county where the death occurred is required to amend cause or manner of death. The notarized statement must state that the requested amendment is accurate, and that the physician, coroner, or medical examiner agrees that the death record is to be amended. A request for an amendment to cause or manner of death must be submitted to the Office of Vital Records.

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