MR&C Funeral Director Tutorial
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Funeral Homes

  • The new MR&C will allow users to create and reset their own passwords and manage their profile.
  • Through the MR&C Work Queue function, users will become more efficient in completing and monitoring death records.
  • Users will be able to view details and take action on all records that are incomplete and pending.
  • The MR&C has a built-in duplicate notification system that will prevent duplicate records form being created.


Below you will find a brief description of the transactions:

Create A Death Record
This tutorial will demonstrate creating a death record and designate the physician who will then access the death record and electronically certify the death certificate. It covers starting the record, identifying duplicates, completing the medical portion of the death certificate and saving the record.

Enter Fact of Death
This tutorial will walk the medical certifier through the process of reviewing and electronically certifying a death record that was created by a designated authorized user.  Only the medical certifier can create and certify the death record, or can certify a death record created by a designated authorized user.

Reassign A Death Record
This tutorial will demonstrate the process of reassigning a death record to another authorized user of the same role in the MR&C, and explain the need for reassigning the record. 

Refer a Record to ME
This tutorial will demonstrate the process of referring a death record to the Medical Examiner for review and completion or release of the case back to the physician.

Using the Work Queue
This tutorial will demonstrate the process of managing the work queue. Through this tutorial you will learn how to view details and take action by selecting on any queue item. Effectively read the active items such as unfinished record, pending cause of death, queries, etc. assigned to you as a user which is in pending status.

Print A Disposition Permit & Death Worksheet
This tutorial will demonstrate viewing and printing of a disposition permit and a death worksheet for your records, as well as setting the margins and other page settings to properly print the document.

Search & View a Death Record
This tutorial will demonstrate the process of locating death records in the MR&C.  It explains the various criteria used and explore multi-fielded search options available to conduct searches for death records. 

View Death Record History
This tutorial will demonstrate the view death record history feature in the MR&C.  It will describe the details displayed when accessed. Histories include: Query Updates, Corrections, Cause of Death Amendments, State Authorized Amendments, Request Death Certificate, and View Full Audit Trail.

Request A Death Certificate
This tutorial will demonstrate how authorized user’s request (e.g. funeral director) for the issuance of certified Fact or Cause of Death certificates. The MR&C features include: Modify pending requests, cancel (void) a pending request, Populating of queues with details of each request. It will also feature selecting a processing location and identifying the requestors as well as the number of copies. 

Delete a Death Record 
This tutorial will demonstrate the Delete record feature used to delete duplicate records.


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