Minnesota Registration & Certification System

The Minnesota Registration and Certification (MR&C) System is a statewide, web-based registration and issuance system. Authorized individuals enter, maintain and use birth and death data while system checks improve data quality and ensure data confidentiality.

Watch the MR&C password reset instructional video

Morticians and funeral home staff must be authorized users of MR&C to complete fact of death information in MR&C.

To become an authorized user, the funeral establishment owner and new staff must complete and sign the MR&C Funeral Director or FH Staff User Agreement (PDF). The bottom of the agreement describes how to submit the form to the Office of Vital Records (OVR). New users receive MR&C log in information by email after the user account is created.

When a staff member with an MR&C user account is no longer using MR&C or has left employment at your establishment, email

The Funeral Directors’ Handbook on Death Registration and Fetal Death Reporting is a resource that contains explanations about data fields and instructions useful for completing the fact of death portion of a death record.


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