Death Registration Information for Funeral Directors and Staff

Implementing Online Verification of Social Security Number If You Use MN VRV2000

What funeral directors and funeral home staff need to do to participate

If you file fact of death electronically through MN VRV2000, you do not need to do anything to participate in online verification of decedent SSN. When you are entering a death record in MN VRV2000, you will notice a new line after SSN that says SSN Verification. When you move to the second tab page in the data entry process, an electronic request is automatically sent to SSA. Continue entering the record. At any time you may click back on the first tab page to see if the SSN has been verified or if there is a SSA Verification Status message.

For new or pending requests, the SSN number field will be grayed out and the SSA Verification Status message will state:

The request for SSN verification has been submitted.


The OVS is working on the SSN verification request.

If the check box after SSN Verification is checked and the SSN number field remains grayed out, the SSN number has been verified. If you click on the SSA Verification Status message, it will read "The SSN for this decedent has been successfully verified with SSA. (PASSED)"

If the verification has been processed by SSA but the SSN number has not been verified, the SSN number field will not remain grayed out and the label "SSA Verification Status" will be black instead of grey. Click on the label to see a message that describes the reason the SSN has not been verified. For a listing of the possible messages see SSA Verification Status Messages.

Please note:

1) any changes you make to the name, date of birth, sex, or SSN fields will trigger a new request for verification to SSA;

2) there is a limit of 5 verification requests; and

3) any changes must be made before you save the death record (i.e., file the fact of death).

If you have made a reasonable effort to check the accuracy of the information, please do not delay the filing of the fact of death because of the SSA Verification Status message.