Requirements for documents submitted to support the amendment of a death record

Document requirements to amend a death record

One document is required to add missing information or change existing information. Each document must be applicable, authorized, readable, reliable, and valid:


Each document must show the item you want to add or change exactly as you want it to appear on the death certificate. Each document also show at least two items that match what is on the death certificate already that you are not asking to have changed.


Each document must show when (the date) it was created. Documents must also show the name of the entity that created the document. We cannot accept documents created by individuals unless you are submitting a document to change the date or place of death. In this case, submit a notarized statement from a person present at the death who can verify the accuracy of the requested change.


Each document must be legible. We must be able to identify all words and letters in the document. Documents must be in English or submitted with a notarized English translation by a qualified or certified translator.


Each document must be without any sign of erasure, alteration, or change of pertinent information.


Each document must be an original document, a certified copy, or authenticated. To have a document authenticated, ask the entity that created the document to write a letter on their letterhead. The letter must state that the document is a true and accurate copy of the information in their records and be signed and dated by the person giving you the document.

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Authority: Minnesota Rules, parts 4601.2100 and 4601.1100.

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