Information for Local Issuance Offices

It is the responsibility of the State Registrar to maintain a statewide system of vital statistics, including the electronic registration and certification of all births and deaths that occur in Minnesota according to Minnesota Statutes, sections 144.211-144.227, and Minnesota Rules, chapter 4601.

This website is dedicated to providing information to local issuance offices about vital records in Minnesota.

What's New?

MR&C Update – effective July 1st
To improve system security, MR&C birth, death, and fetal  death record search returns will change. Summaries will be automatically viewable only when a search results in one record.  Search results that potentially identify more than one record will display a list of all records matching the search criteria. The summary screen will display only after the user selects a record by clicking on the subject name.

  • PROCESS CHANGE – The record summary screen will be automatically viewable only when a search results in a single record. Searches with more than one result will require the user to select the appropriate record from a list before the summary screen will be viewable.

State file numbers can be entered in upper or lower case. (e.g. 2014-mn-0000). A recent table upgrade temporarily forced  users to enter upper case state abbreviations; this flexibility has been restored. You may not notice a difference, only certain users were affected.

  • PROCESS CHANGE – probably none for most users.

Security Paper Contract
The new Security Paper contract is now posted on the Minnesota Registration & Certification (MR&C) page. The contract vendor remains the same, so you may still use the existing order form.