Information for Local Issuance Offices

It is the responsibility of the State Registrar to maintain a statewide system of vital statistics, including the electronic registration and certification of all births and deaths that occur in Minnesota according to Minnesota Statutes, sections 144.211-144.227, and Minnesota Rules, chapter 4601.

This website is dedicated to providing information to local issuance offices about vital records in Minnesota.

What's New?

2014 Vital Records Training for County Issuance Professionals
The Minnesota Department of Health, Office of Vital Records (OVR), offered 10 vital records training sessions in September and October 2014 and trained more than 200 county vital records staff members throughout the state.

The 3.5 hour sessions provided information about the vision for vital records; paternity establishment and documentation; data practices; tangible interest; certificate paper; security and fraud prevention; and new reporting options.

The slides from the presentation are posted. In addition, OVR has clarified information that was shared at sessions so that all can read and have the final responses. Both documents are available through the links below:

2014 Vital Records Presentation (PDF: 1.3MB/100 slides)

2014 Post-Training Clarifications (PDF: 206KB/2 pages)

Security Paper

July 2015: Please hold all orders for security paper until further notice. The Minnesota Department of Health, Office of Vital Records is working with the Minnesota Department of Administration to secure a new vendor and contract to supply Minnesota with security paper. We expect the new vendor to begin shipping paper around the first week of September.