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The Office of Vital Records oversees and maintains a reliable statewide system to register, certify, and report vital events. The office works with important partners such as hospitals and funeral establishments to document births and deaths. The state, together with local county vital records offices, provides customer service and assures that birth, death, and fetal death certificates, and other vital record documents, are issued conveniently and without delay.

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What's New?

Security Paper Contract

September 25, 2015: The Office of Vital Records is pleased to announce that the Minnesota Department of Administration has awarded a contract to Northstar to supply vital records certificate paper for the State of Minnesota. The Office of Vital Records is working with Northstar to establish a process for issuance offices to order certificate paper. More information including forms and instructions will be available next week.

Northstar partners with AmeriTech Inc. to supply vital records paper to many jurisdictions including New York City and North Carolina. Northstar will incorporate multiple security features into the paper that is manufactured in the United States. The vital records paper will be printed in Brooklyn Park, MN according to Minnesota specifications.

The state contract allows all vital records offices to place orders and purchase paper from a single source to maximize volume pricing and to assure that Minnesota birth and death certificates are uniform. About 500,000 certificates are issued annually from the 110 vital records offices statewide.

Northstar will print Minnesota’s paper using an off-set printing method which produces an authentic, but smooth document. Intaglio printing, which had been used by the previous vendor, produced an engraved, raised border and state seal. The new certificate paper will be valid without the raised or embossed seal and incorporate a single overt security thread visible as a line that will run from the top to the bottom of the paper as required by the contract.

Before a contract could be put in place, the Office of Vital Records placed an emergency order for security paper to assure that all offices could fulfill requests for certificates and provide uninterrupted customer service. Northstar handled the emergency order and shipped supplies to 22 locations including the Office of Vital Records earlier this month.

More information about Northstar is available online

2015 Vital Records Training for County Issuance Professionals
The Office of Vital Records (OVR) is applying an innovative approach to the required annual training for county issuance professionals. Instead of the traditional class-room/lecture style trainings offered regionally, OVR will meet statewide educational needs differently this year. OVR is introducing a training package that:

  • combines self-assessment with independent training
  • collects information about each county issuance office and the staff
  • provides new information and updates on policies and procedures
  • allows flexibility with time to complete the training and submit data while never leaving the office

This approach will reduce costs, eliminate travel time for everyone, and maximize resources. It will satisfy the training requirements and goals and provide data to inform future trainings and inspire new learning opportunities. The training package will distributed in early October and completed packages will be due any time before December 1, 2015.

Field Services staff will use the data collected through this new approach to create new county issuance training to meet both new and advanced user needs. OVR expects to offer traditional training in the future. Check back for updates about county and local issuance training soon.

Statutory Authority:
Minnesota Statutes, sections 144.211-144.227 and Minnesota Rules, chapter 4601.