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Security Paper

Northstar supplies Minnesota’s vital records paper

The Minnesota Department of Administration contracts with AmeriTech Inc. to produce Minnesota vital records paper through a subcontractor, Northstar, at its Brooklyn Park, Minn. printing office. Northstar uses offset printing, which produces a smooth document, on paper that contains obvious and unapparent security features.

Security Paper Information

How does my office establish a credit account with Northstar?

If you are authorized to order paper for your office, complete a credit application to establish an account with Northstar. All offices must complete a one-time Customer Application (PDF) to set up purchasing and billing information before Northstar will fulfill your order and invoice your office. Complete only the highlighted fields in the upper portion of the Northstar credit application as shown in the Northstar_account_setup (PDF) and have an authorized representative sign the application.

If your office requests a tax exemption, your office will need to complete the “Blanket Resale/Exemption Certificate” on pages 3 and 4 of the Northstar Customer Application. The second page of the Northstar_account_setup.pdf highlights the fields to be completed. If you have questions about the credit application, email Rhonda Taylor at

How does my office place an order for security paper?

Use the State of Minnesota Vital Record Order Form (PDF) to place an order. Northstar requires vital records offices to use an established form for placing orders. County vital records offices must supply required information on the fillable form and email it, copying the Office of Vital Records, to Northstar. Email addresses are shown on the order form.

Keeping the Office of Vital Records in the communication loop protects you, helps monitor contract deliverables, and informs the state for security best practices.

What if there is a problem with the paper order?

Complete the Security Paper Damage and Problem Report (PDF) if the order you receive is missing paper, has damaged paper, was not produced according to contract specifications or your instructions, or there is a problem with delivery. Email the form to

Report problems promptly for quick resolution, to prevent future issues, and to document Northstar’s service delivery and product quality. Staff at the Office of Vital Records will follow up and work diligently to resolve all problems and issues that you report. The Office of Vital Records tracks damaged paper and problems in order to account for all document control numbers, intervene and correct problems, clarify contract details and support offices and assure that needs are met statewide.

Statutory Authority:
Minnesota Statutes, sections 144.211-144.227 and Minnesota Rules, chapter 4601.