Notary information

Notary information

What is a notary public?

A notary public is a person licensed by the Minnesota Secretary of State. A notary public verifies your identity and witnesses your signature on important documents. The most common function of a notary public is to prevent fraud.

What does it mean to have an application notarized?

Getting an application notarized means that a notary public watches you sign and date the application. After seeing you sign and date the application, the notary will mark the application with a stamp (or a "seal") and sign their name. A notarized application shows the person who receives the application that you really signed it.

Notaries are not responsible for the accuracy of the information you put on your application.

Where can I find a notary public?

  • Visit the Minnesota Notary Public Web Site.
  • Mail-box shops, copy services, banks and some libraries often provide notary services to the public.
  • Your place of employment may have notary public services.

Where can I find more information about notaries public?

The Minnesota Secretary of State commissions Minnesota's notaries public. Please visit the Minnesota Notary Public Web Site to find information on what it means to be a notary, how to obtain a commission, how to check on a notary's commission status, and how to file a complaint against an individual notary.

Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 01:36PM