Minnesota Registration & Certification System (MR&C)

Minnesota Registration & Certification System (MR&C)

The Minnesota Registration & Certification (MR&C) System is a statewide, web-based registration and issuance system. Authorized individuals enter, maintain and use birth and death data while improving data quality and ensuring data security.

Physicians and their designated staff need to be authorized users of MR&C to enter cause of death information.

To become a user, complete the Physician and Designated Staff MR&C User Agreement (PDF) and either scan and email it to health.MRCAdmin@state.mn.us, or fax it to 651-201-5750.

Keep the original form. Scan or email the form to report changes to contact information, or that a user is no longer with the health care facility.

General MR&C information

MR&C information for physicians and staff assistants

Additional MR&C information for coroners/medical examiners