Requirements for documents submitted to support the amendment of a birth record

Document Requirements to Amend a Birth Record

Reference: Minnesota Rules, parts 4601.1000 and 4601.1100.

To add missing information to a birth record you need to submit at least one document. To change information on a birth record you must submit at least two documents.


Document Requirements

Each document must show the information exactly as you want it to appear on the birth record.

Each document must also show other information that matches the birth record already. Most documents need to show at least two of the following:
  • subject’s last name
  • subject’s date of birth
  • subject’s place of birth
  • a parent’s name
  • a parent’s date of birth
  • a parent’s place of birth
Each document must show an established date that meets the following age requirements:
  • If the subject of the record is under the age of 7, the documents must have been established (created) either more than one year ago or within the subject’s first year of life.
  • If the subject of the record is 7 or older, the documents must have been established (created) either more than seven years ago or within the subject’s first three years of life.

Each document must be an original, a certified copy issued by a government office, or a copy authenticated by the person issuing the document to you. All original documents will be returned to you when we're finished with our process.

  • Clinic and hospital records must be authenticated by the person giving you the records. They must give you a signed and dated letter on the clinic or hospital letterhead that verifies the document is a true and accurate copy of their records.
  • School records must be authenticated like clinic and hospital records or be official school transcripts.
  • Certified documents must be issued by government offices and include birth/death certificates, marriage certificates, military discharge forms, and court orders.

Each document must be legible. Each document must be in English or submitted with a notarized English translation by a qualified or certified translator.

Each document must show no sign of erasure, alteration, or change of pertinent information.

Acceptable Document Types

These documents will be considered if each document meets all requirements:

  • authenticated school record or official school transcript
  • authenticated hospital or clinic record
  • valid passport
  • original or a certified copy of a US military discharge (such as a DD214 form)
  • certified copy of a marriage certificate
  • certified copy of a birth certificate of a child
  • certified copy of a birth certificate of a parent or sibling (these can only be used to amend parent information)
  • baptism certificate or other church record with a phone number to the church so the record may be verified
  • original or certified copy of a naturalization certificate
  • official tribal enrollment record
  • certified copy of a court order

These documents are NOT acceptable to amend a birth record:

  • hospital souvenir birth certificate
  • driver’s license
  • state, employee, or other ID card or permit
  • social security card or statement
  • application of any kind
  • insurance card or policy
  • paycheck stub
  • tax return
  • bill
  • newspaper article

Court Orders
Sometimes a court order that directs the birth record to be amended is required. A court order is required if information to be amended has been established by another court order, such as an adoption decree or paternity order. A court order is also required if a child’s last name has already been changed with a Recognition of Parentage form.

If a court order specifically directs the birth record to be amended it could be the only document required. The court order must:

  • uniquely identify the birth record to be amended (contain the subject’s name as it currently appears on the birth record and the subject’s date of birth)
  • clearly identify which items are to be amended on the birth record
  • specifically direct the birth record to be amended in the “It Is Ordered” section of the court order.

For information on getting a court order please see the Minnesota Judicial Branch website.

A court order that does not direct the birth record to be amended must meet all regular document requirements.

Requirements to amend gender

To change the sex of the subject on a birth record, the requester must submit a Birth Record Amendment Application (PDF) and supporting documentation. Supporting documentation may be either of the following:

  • Medical certification of appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition in the form of an original letter from a licensed physician. The letter must identify the subject using the name and date of birth on the current birth record.
  • Certified copy of a court order that specifically directs amendment of the subject's sex on the birth record.

If you still have questions about amending a birth record after reading this information, email us at or call 651-201-5970.