Minnesota Adult Health Study: How the survey works

Adult Health Survey/Minnesota Adult Tobacco Survey (MATS)

The 2018 Minnesota Health Study

How the Survey Works

Once our professional interviewer has reached you by phone, we will introduce the survey, invite you to participate, and then interview you or the randomly selected person from your household.

This is not a test and we are not selling anything. We want to know about your health practices and opinions. The survey asks about your tobacco use (if any) and exposure to secondhand smoke. We also ask a few general background questions, such as your age and educational background. You will answer the questions over the phone, so you won't need to write anything down or mail anything. For most people, the survey takes about 15-20 minutes. It may be a few minutes longer depending on the answers to certain questions.

After we have conducted all the interviews, we will combine your answers with everyone else’s and analyze them all together. You will not be identified individually in any reports or articles about this survey. Your responses will be held confidential.

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