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Minnesota Climate and Health Profile

The Minnesota Climate and Health Profile 2015: An Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on the Health & Well-Being of Minnesotans summarizes the historic climate trends, future projections, and likely impacts of climate changes on the health of Minnesotans. The report explains the pathways between identified Minnesota climate hazards (i.e., air pollution, extreme heat, flood, drought and ecosystem threats, including vector-borne diseases and harmful algal blooms) and their corresponding health impacts.

Go to the Climate Change Overview page for more information and to download the full report.

Health & Climate Change Training Module Series

From extreme heat to ecosystem threats, real changes in our climate are impacting the health of Minnesotans. The following Health & Climate Change Training Modules were developed to help educate public health professionals, planners, emergency managers, and others about the climate changes we're experiencing in Minnesota, the impact those changes have on health, and what actions we can take to help reduce and prevent negative health outcomes associated with climate change.

From July-January 2018 we're releasing updated Health & Climate Change Training Modules as one-hour webinars and the supporting materials will be available on this webpage following the release date. Training modules may be used as educational pieces and are fully scripted for the purpose of using them as a "train the trainer" resource.

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Have questions or looking for information about these climate and health topics while we roll-out the new training module series? Contact us at or 651-201-4899.

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