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Minnesota Climate Data Community of Practice

Join the MDH Climate Data Community of Practice to build capacity for using climate data to increase climate resiliency for Minnesotans.


The Climate Data Community of Practice will:

  • Share insights for obtaining, selecting, preparing, and applying available climate datasets specific to Minnesota
  • Support public sector adaptation efforts aimed at increasing climate resiliency for Minnesotans
  • Foster a community of climate data users to share knowledge and resources


The Minnesota Climate & Health Program is working to determine when, where, and how often the Climate Data Community of Practice will meet. Stay tuned for more information.

Who Should Participate?

MDH encourages those working in public health, natural resources, transportation, emergency management, pollution control, commerce, planning, and design, as well as any other data-users working in state or local government, to join the Minnesota Climate Data Community of Practice. At this time membership is limited to those working for Minnesota in the public sector.

To join, please contact:
Dr. Brenda Hoppe
Senior Research Scientist
Minnesota Climate & Health Program

Updated Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at 11:14AM