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Resource Compendium
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Installing Compendium

Instructions for installing the Resource Compendium files onto your USB Flash Drive:

1) Plug your USB Flash Drive into the USB port.

2) Click the "Download Here" link below using Internet Explorer as your browser--it may take up to 30 seconds before the pop-up box appears (Firefox Browser instructions below).

Download Here

3) Click on "Run"
(if you see a Security Warning like the one below, click "Run" on the warning box)

security warning graphic

(if your computer will not allow you to continue, follow the Unzip Instructions below)

4) Click on "Browse"

5) Choose the USB Flash Drive and click "OK"
(Sometimes referred to as Thumb Drive. The USB Flash Drive will say something like "removable" or "Toshiba" or "Store-N-Go")

6) Click "Unzip" - you should see the files being transferred

7) When complete, you will see "Unzipped Successfully" - click "OK"

8) Click "Close"

9) If your download was successful, confirm you have downloaded the most current version of the compendium by sending your contact information via an email to the APC contact.

10) If the compendium does not automatically start, you can remove your flash drive and plug it back in again OR open "My Computer" (found on your desktop or by clicking "Start" on your main tool bar and choosing "My Computer")

11) Double-Click the USB Flash Drive

12) Double-Click either "autorun.bat" or "index.html" - either should work.

Anytime you want to view the Resource Compendium, plug in the USB Flash Drive. It should open automatically, if it doesn't, follow steps 10-12 above.

Unzip Instructions:

If your computer stopped the download, because your organization doesn't allow you to download executable files, please click the "Zip File" link below and follow the instructions:

Zip File

1) Choose "Open"

2) Click on "Extract"

3) Choose the USB Flash Drive and click on "Extract"

4) It will ask you if you'd like to replace existing files--choose "Yes to All"

5) Close that window and follow steps 9-12 above.

Firefox Browser Instructions:

Different browsers will have slight differences. If you use Firefox, your default will probably be to save the files to your desktop. This can be changed by clicking "Tools" and "Options" and clicking "Always ask me where to save files." Your IT staff should be able to help you with this if you have problems.

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