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What Other Contractors Need to Know

Who can remove asbestos in Minnesota homes?

Minnesota Statutes and Rules regulate the removal, encapsulation or enclosure of asbestos-containing materials from single or multi-family homes in greater than the following quantities:

  • 10 linear feet; or
  • 6 square feet; or
  • 1 cubic foot

Only an asbestos contractor licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) may disturb these amounts of asbestos.

What materials contain asbestos?

Asbestos was used in over 3,000 different products, many of them used in home construction. The following products are a few of the types of products used in home construction that have been known to contain asbestos:

photo of floortile
photo of linoleum
photo of ceiling texture
Ceiling Texture
photo of drywall tape mud
photo of pipe insulation
photo of a boiler
Drywall Tape Mud
Pipe Insulation
photo of an octopus furnace
photo of asbestos siding
photo of asbestos roof tiles
Octopus Furnace
Asbestos Siding
Asbestos Roof Tiles

IMPORTANT: Asbestos-containing flooring, roofing, siding and ceiling materials in homes with four dwelling units or less are exempt from MDH regulation. This does not mean the material is not hazardous. MDH recommends you use care when disturbing these materials to prevent yourself and others from being exposed to asbestos fibers. In all situations involving asbestos the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry has requirements for protecting workers. Contact them at (651) 284-5054 for more information regarding worker protection.

How do I find out if the material I'm working on is asbestos?

To determine if the material is asbestos-containing material:

  • Check for asbestos markings on the material or its packaging.
  • Hire a Minnesota-certified asbestos inspector to sample the material. Find a consulting firm in your area by going to MDH's Find A Contractor or Consultant web page.

How do I find out more information?

For more information about asbestos, contact the Asbestos Program at MDH through the internet or by telephone at (651) 201-4620.

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