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The Asbestos Project Plan

What is a project plan?

The project plan basically outlines how you are going to complete your project. The information contained in the project plan provides the "history" of the project. The asbestos abatement contractor must keep a copy of this plan for 30 years after the end of the project.

When do I need a project plan?

If you are conducting regulated asbestos-related work, you need to have a project plan. This includes full containments, glove bags, enclosure and encapsulation activities.

When do I need to have a project plan completed?

The project plan must be completed at the start of the project. If there are any changes that occur during the project, such as additional material being removed, make the changes in writing to the original project plan.

What needs to be in my project plan?

The following items are a minimum that must be included in your project plan:

  1. The name and address of the work site.
  2. A list of the asbestos work areas, including room numbers if known.
  3. The amount and type of asbestos-containing material to be removed, encapsulated or enclosed in each asbestos work area.
  4. The date when the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system for each asbestos work area will be shut down
  5. The person(s) responsible for the HVAC shutdown.
  6. The calculation showing the number of containment air changes per hour for each containment.
  7. When you have to exhaust the negative air system indoors, explain why you are unable to exhaust it outdoors.
  8. A floor plan or sketch which shows:
    - the dimensions and volume of each containment;
    - the number, location and rated capacity of any negative air machines;
    - the location of any decontamination unit to be used;
    - the type, size and location of any “bagouts.”
  9. If the department has granted you a variance for work procedures, include a copy of the variance at the work site with the project plan.

How do I find out more information?

For more information about asbestos, contact the Asbestos Program at MDH through the internet or by telephone at (651) 201-4620.

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