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The Minnesota County Well Index Online HELP

To the right of the map is a frame with a title of LAYERS. This lists the map data that is available for displaying.

Layer Visibility

The layers have scale-dependent visibility parameters. A layer will be in the layer list, available for displaying based on the scale of the map. For example, the Wells layer is not in the layer list when starting County Well Index Online. The Wells will show up on the layer list and is visible when the map scale is at 1:100,000 or less.

To make a layer visible, make sure that the there is a check in the check box to the left of the layer name under the Visible header. To turn off a layer's visibility, uncheck the visible check box and click the refresh map button. To turn on a layer's visibility, check the visible check box and click the refresh map button. Layers are drawn in order from bottom to top of the layer list. If you make the 2003 Color Air Photos (Zone 15) and the 7.5 Minute quadrangles layers both visible, on your map you will only see the 2003 Color Air Photos (Zone 15) because it overlays (draws on top off) the 7.5 Minute Quadrangle layer.

Note: The Streets layer will show in the layer list at a scale below 1:40,000 but will not display on the map. This is so street labels can be made available at a scale below 1:40,000.

screen shot of where the check box is for Wellhead Protection Areas

Layer names that are italic and underlined found in the Layer List are links to the Minnesota Department of Health's website with more information regarding that layer. Click to open up a browser to the Web page.

Labeling Map Layers

Labels are available for four layers and are scale-dependent. To label a layer check the Label check box to the right of the Visible check box and click the Refresh Map button. To turn off labels, uncheck the Label check box and click the Refresh Map button.

Available Layers with Labels
Layer Label Label Visibility Scale
Wells Minnesota Unique Well Number below 1:50,000
County County Name Always available
Township, Range and Sections Township, range, range direction, and section number below 1:90,000
Streets Street Name 1:1,000 - 1:40,000
Wellhead Protection Areas Wellhead Name 1:1,500 - 1:100,000
Special Well Construction Areas Name 1:1,500 - 1:100,000
Cities and Townships Labels Name below 1:200,000

Map Layer Descriptions

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