Available Map Layers With Descriptions
The Minnesota County Well Index Online HELP

Below is a list of map layers with a description of each layer. Visibility Scale for the layer and labels is the minimum to the maximum.

Available Map Layers with Descriptions
Layer Name Description Visibility Scale Labels
Wells This is the County Well Index database with field verified well locations. This INCLUDES Public Water Supply wells. 1:1,000 - 1:100,000 YES
County Minnesota County boundaries Always available YES
Township, Range and Sections Minnesota Public Land Survey boundaries below 1:200,000 YES
Streets Tiger 2000 streets 1:40,000 - 1:200,000 YES
Wellhead Protection Areas Minnesota Department of Health approved surface and subsurface area surrounding a public water supply well that completely contains the scientifically calculated wellhead protection area and is managed by the entity identified in a wellhead protection plan. The boundaries of the drinking water supply management area are delineated by identifiable physical features, landmarks or political and administrative boundaries.

For more information, contact the Source Water Protection Unit contact for your county:
Drinking Water Protection Contacts
or go to the Wellhead Protection website:
Wellhead Protection
1:1,500- 1:400,000 YES
Special Well Construction Areas A Special Well Construction Area is sometimes also called a well advisory. It is a mechanism which provides for controls on the drilling or alteration of public and private water supply wells, and monitoring wells in an area where groundwater contamination has, or may, result in risks to the public health. The purposes of a Special Well Construction Area are to inform the public of potential health risks in areas of groundwater contamination, provide for the construction of safe water supplies, and prevent the spread of contamination due to the improper drilling of wells or borings.

For more information:
Contact Well Management
or view the areas that have Well Advisories:
Special Well and Boring Construction Areas
1:1,500 - 1:200,000 YES
Water Bodies Lakes and Rivers 1:40,000 - 1:300,000 NO
Streams, Rivers Streams, rivers, ditches 1:40,000 - 1:300,000 NO
2003 Color air Photos (Zone14) NAIP 2003 Color air photos in MrSID format UTM zone 14 1:1,500 - 1:40,000 NA
2003 Color air Photos (Zone15) NAIP 2003 Color air photos in MrSID format UTM zone 15 1:1,500 - 1:40,000 NA
7.5 Minute Quadrangles USGS Digital Raster Graphics of the 7.5 minute Topographic Quadrangles 1:5,000 - 1:24,000 NA
Shaded Relief Shaded Relief of Minnesota Derived from the Digital Elevation Model Always available NA


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