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The Minnesota County Well Index Online HELP

Allows for searching the database returning well records that have been field verified and well records that have not been located.

Screen shot of the area where search criteria is entered. binoculars

Unique Number

Search the County Well Index for a well record using the Minnesota Unique Well Number.

binocularsType in the six digit unique number and click the binoculars.

If a well record is found in the database, a new browser window will open displaying a Well and Boring Record Report.

For well records that have been field verified, the map frame will be refreshed displaying the well in yellow and labeled with the unique number.

Township, Range, and Section

Search for well records for a section in the specified township and range.

Type in the Township number in the Town text box. To move to the next text box use the TAB key or your mouse. Type in the Range number, TAB to the Range direction and select W (west) or E (east). The default is W. Then, TAB to Section and enter the section. Next, using your mouse click the binoculars to search.

A new browser window will open displaying a Well List Report, which is a list of well records found for the township, range, and section that was input. This includes wells that have not been field verified. The map will refresh, zooming to the township, range, and section, displaying the field verified wells in yellow and the unique number as a label.

Search Near Address

Search near Address will return well records associated with the township, range, and section of the address.

This will NOT search The County Well Index for a well address.

Enter the street address (121 East 7th Place), City and, zip code of a valid address within Minnesota. The Street Address and City are required. The zip code is not required, however it is better if you know it. Click the binoculars.

If there are no field verified well records found, the following message will be displayed:

screen shot of pop-up message: No Field verified well locations are found in this TRS. Generating list of unlocated well records.

Click OK to open a new browser window with a list of un-located well records found in the township, range and section where the well address is located. If there are field verified well records, a new browser window will open with the list of well records found. In either case the map will refresh zooming to the location of the address and displaying the address (yellow star) and wells in yellow if any.

Updated Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 11:49AM