Zoom to Latitude/Longitude
The Minnesota County Well Index Online HELP

Screen shot of the area where need to you enter latitude and longitude coordinates.

With this tool, you can zoom to and center the map using the user specified latitude and longitude.

How to use this tool

Enter the degrees, minutes, and seconds for the latitude and the longitude. Click the binoculars. The map will refresh, zooming in to and marking the latitude and longitude location.

Valid Range

Degrees Latitude: [43 to 50] Must be an INTEGER.
Degrees Longitude: [-98 to -89] Must be an INTEGER.

Minutes: [0 to 60] This is for latitude or longitude. Must be an INTEGER.
Seconds: [0 to 60] This is for latitude or longitude. Seconds may include decimal places (e.g., 23.4131).

Updated Friday, May 09, 2014 at 08:15AM