County Well Index Enhancement
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What is County Well Index?

The County Well Index (CWI) is a Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) online application and database that contains well and boring construction information and geologic interpretations of well/boring records for the state of Minnesota. CWI also contains some soil boring records, mineral exploration test hole records, and scientific/research test hole records.

CWI was originally developed in the 1970’s by the Minnesota Geological Society (MGS) to support geological mapping. Initially, CWI was limited to datasets for specific counties. MGS compiled CWI into a statewide database and made it available to the public in the 1980’s.

MDH partnered with MGS in the 1990’s to assist in administration of the CWI database. Currently, MDH is responsible for maintaining the database and application, but both agencies enter and edit information in the database.

CWI Online was made available to the public in 2001 and is used by a variety of public and private sector groups.

Why enhance County Well Index?

The CWI database was on an outdated operating system. Although CWI provided basic services, CWI’s outdated systems eventually could no longer be supported by information technology services. Plus, over the years, manual data entry and database conversions created inadvertent data errors that needed to be systematically addressed and corrected. There were also thousands of well records that had accumulated as a backlog and needed to be entered.

Prior to redeveloping CWI, MDH gathered input on improving the collection and sharing of environmental health information from internal and external focus groups. Users and contributors of CWI data discussed how the information and interpretations of the CWI data can be improved. Among other enhancements, the group recommended making additional data sets available and improving the search capabilities and mapping options.

These external stakeholders and the internal users provided MDH with valuable input on how to improve the information and functionality of the CWI Online program.

What County Well Index enhancements have been accomplished?

  • Project scope and work plan developed.
  • Workflow developed.
  • Data entry and editing standards developed.
  • Database work plan completed.
  • Held external and internal stakeholder meetings to obtain input from CWI users on possible enhancements.
  • Updated the database operational system.
  • Developed scope for online application upgrade.
  • Scanned 25,500 pre-1990 well records into CWI.
  • Entered 102,500 backlogged well construction records into CWI.
  • Online application enhancement being developed.

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