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Using Bleach

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Use Caution

First, scrub the item with soap and safe water and rinse well. Bleach can help kill germs and mold on “nonporous” surfaces without spaces and cracks. Use bleach very carefully. Too much bleach can burn your skin and lungs.

Quick Tips

  • Keep bleach out of children’s reach;
  • Wear gloves and old clothes that cover your skin;
  • Read the warning label on the bleach bottle;
  • Open windows and doors and use a fan to blow air outside;
  • Do not use bleach on “porous” surfaces like carpet or ceiling tile – throw them out; and
  • Do not mix bleach with dish soap or other products.

When in doubt, throw it out!

To Kill Germs on Dishes and Surfaces that Hold Food

Use this bleach mix on “non-porous” hard surfaces that hold food, like counter tops, dishes and eating utensils. This mix will help kill germs without hurting your skin or lungs.

  • First scrub with soap and safe water and rinse with safe water.
  • Mix one tablespoon of bleach to one gallon of safe water.
  • Wipe counter tops and soak dishes and utensils with this bleach mix and allow to air dry.

To Kill Mold on Surfaces Not in Contact with Food or Mouth

A stronger bleach mix can be used on “non-porous” hard surfaces like walls, floors, and tables to help kill mold. This mix can hurt your skin and lungs. Do not use it for dishes, children’s toys, or surfaces that hold food.

  • First scrub with soap and water and rinse with water.
  • Mix ¼ - ½ cup bleach in a gallon of water.
  • Wipe surfaces with this bleach mix and allow to air dry.

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