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Floods: Home and Business Clean-Up

While cleaning up your home or business after a flood, you need to protect yourself against hazards in your food, water, and air. Many hazards aren't obvious and can't be seen—awareness of these hazards will help you work safely and protect your health.

Asbestos Hazards
Determining if a building or material has asbestos and what should be done if it does.

Carbon Monoxide
Preventing carbon monoxide poisoning by following safety tips for generator use during power outages.

Cleaning Up
Safely cleaning up your home or business and determining what is dangerous to your health.

Food Safety
Deciding what food is safe to keep after a flood. Reducing the risk of foodborne illness while minimizing the potential loss of food.

Fuel Oil Contamination
Knowing what you should do when there is a fuel oil spill.

Mold Hazards
Knowing about the health concerns of mold, what to look for, and how to safely clean mold up.

Septic Systems
Preventing sewage backups and solving them when they happen.

Water and Wells
Ensuring water safety through testing of water, disinfecting wells, and using a certified lab for bacterial analyses.

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