Floods: Protecting Your Health - Minnesota Department of Health

Floods: Protecting Your Health

A few simple precautions can help you avoid possible health risks during a flood. This information answers some of the most important questions about floods and your health.

Fact Sheets for Disasters
A quick list of MDH flood fact sheets in PDF printable format.

Before Flooding Begins
Begin the process of preparing for a flood early. Information about steps that can be taken before flooding begins to protect your home or business, and the environment.

Protect Yourself
Clean-up work can be hazardous, so it's important to protect yourself. This Web page offers a few simple guidelines about what to think about before re-entering a home, personal protective equipment that you may need, and other safety concerns to think about.

Home and Business Clean-Up
While cleaning up your home or business after a flood, you need to protect yourself against hazards in your food, water, and air. Many hazards aren't obvious and can't be seen—awareness of these hazards will help you work safely and protect your health.
asbestos | carbon monoxide | food safety | fuel oil | mold | septic systems | water and wells

Caring for Yourself
No one who lives through a disaster is untouched by the experience. Like other disasters, floods can result in emotional distress, as well as property damage. Recognizing and handling stress properly can help you meet the challenges of recovering from the flood and reclaiming your sense of control and security. This Web page contains links to information that address the impact of floods and strategies for coping.

Flood Information for Responders
Responding to disasters can be hazardous and emotionally draining, so it's important to take care of yourself. This Web page offers information to help Responders protect themselves and the health of the public in a disaster.

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