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Floods: Caring for Yourself

No one who lives through a disaster is untouched by the experience. Like other disasters, floods can result in emotional distress, as well as property damage. Recognizing and handling stress properly can help you meet the challenges of recovering from the flood and reclaiming your sense of control and security. This Web page contains links to information that address the impact of floods and strategies for coping.

Quick Tips:

  • Follow a normal routine as much as possible.

  • Eat healthy meals. Be careful not to skip meals or to overeat.

  • Exercise and stay active.

  • Help other people in your community as a volunteer. Stay busy.

  • Accept help from family, friends, co-workers, or clergy. Talk about your feelings with them.

  • Limit your time around the sights and sounds of what happened. Don’t dwell on TV, radio, or newspaper reports on the tragedy.

Detailed Information:

Other Non-MDH Resources:

For Parents and Kids:

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