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Well Water Safety

A flooded water well can make well water unsafe. Only use water that you know is safe for these needs:

  • Drinking;
  • Making baby formula;
  • Making ice;
  • Brushing teeth;
  • Washing dishes;
  • Showering or bathing.

Use water from a flooded well to flush toilets if needed.

Safe Water

When water wells are flooded, the safest water is bottled water from stores or your local emergency center.

Local officials can tell you how to get safe water after an emergency.

Flush and Disinfect a Flooded Well

Water from a flooded well usually is not safe until you take the following steps:

  1. First, flush the well and plumbing system;
  2. Disinfect the well and plumbing system; and
  3. Last, test the water for safety.

Your local health department or the Minnesota Department of Health has a fact sheet on disinfecting flooded wells. The Minnesota Department of Health has well water experts to talk to if you have questions.

Licensed well drillers or pump installers also clean and disinfect wells. Check the Yellow Pages under “Well Drilling and Service.”

Testing Flooded Wells

After the well and plumbing has been flushed and disinfected, test the water to see if it is safe.

Contact your local health or emergency officials to get a well test kit.

More Detailed Fact Sheets:

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