History of the Great Lakes Consortium - EH: Minnesota Department of Health

History of the Great Lakes Consortium

The Consortium originally formed on an ad hoc basis in the early 1980's. As a part of the Great Lakes Toxic Substances Control Agreement of 1986, the group was formally established as the Council of Great Lakes Governors’ Fish Consumption Advisory Task Force. The Task Force was charged by the Council of Great Lakes Governors with developing common fish advisories for important sport fish species that range widely in open waters of the Great Lakes (i.e. Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario). In response, the Task Force developed a method for assessing risks and issuing fish consumption advice so that the advice issued by each state bordering the Great Lakes would be consistent in protecting the health of people who eat fish from the Great Lakes.

The Task Force, now operating as the Great Lakes Consortium for Fish Consumption Advisories (FCAs), continues to pursue its original charge – development and dissemination of consistent, science-based fish advisories. As time and funding allow, Consortium members also coordinate communication strategies, and participate in joint outreach campaigns and projects to develop and evaluate new advisory strategies.

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