Fish Consumption Advisory
Awareness Outreach Program

In 1992, the State of Wisconsin was funded by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) to lead the Great Lakes Consortium Fish Consumption Advisory Awareness Outreach Program.

The objective of the Fish Consumption Advisory Awareness Outreach Program was to educate the general population, especially women of childbearing age, children and minority groups about safe-eating of fish.

In 1998, Wisconsin hosted a workshop attended by public health educators from the Consortium. Topics discussed were existing public health communication programs, successful and unsuccessful education efforts, and development of new outreach materials. Wisconsin offered the Consortium states funding to develop materials and brochures.

Each state developed educational products. Brochures targeting women and children and focusing on fish advisory education were developed and printed in Hmong and Spanish. These promotional materials were distributed at health departments, WIC clinics, fishing shows, state fairs and conferences.

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