Consumption Advice for Lake Superior
Men or Women Not Planning to be Pregnant

Fish Species Unrestricted 1 meal per week 1 meal per month 1 meal every 2 months Do not eat
Chinook Salmon   Less than 32" Larger than 32"    
Coho Salmon All Sizes        
Pink Salmon
All Sizes
Lake Trout   Less than 22" 22 to 37" Larger than 37"  
Siscowet Lake Trout     Less than 29" 29 to 36" Larger than 36"
Rainbow Trout All Sizes        
Brown Trout   All Sizes      
Lake Whitefish   All Sizes      
Cisco (Lake Herring) All Sizes        
All Sizes
Updated Friday, September 19, 2014 at 01:44PM