Children under age 15 and Women who are pregnant, planning to be pregnant, or breastfeeding:
Do Not Eat the Listed Fish More than Once a Month

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ALDEN St. Louis Co. 69013100 Crappie
ANDREW Douglas Co. 21008500 Yellow Perch
ANN Wright Co. 86019000 Crappie
ASPEN Cook Co. 16020400 Yellow Perch
ASPEN Itasca Co. 31069000 Yellow Perch
BAN St. Louis Co. 69074200 Bluegill Sunfish, Crappie
BASS Pine Co. 58012800 Bullhead
BAVARIA Carver Co. 10001900 Bullhead
BEAVER HUT Lake Co. 38073700 Yellow Perch
BIG Carlton Co. 09003200 Crappie
BIG BEAR St. Louis Co. 69011300 Yellow Perch
BIG CARNELIAN Washington Co. 82004900 Bullhead
BIG MARINE Washington Co. 82005200 Crappie
BLACKHAWK Dakota Co. 19005900 Crappie
BLANCHE Otter Tail Co. 56024000 Bullhead
BLANDIN Itasca Co. 31053300 Bullhead
BRYANT Hennepin Co. 27006700 Crappie
BURANDT Carver Co. 10008400 Bullhead, Crappie
BUSH Hennepin Co. 27004700 Bullhead
CALHOUN Hennepin Co. 27003100 Bluegill Sunfish, Crappie
CARLOS Douglas Co. 21005700 Crappie
CARVER Washington Co. 82016600 Bullhead
CEDAR Hennepin Co. 27003900 Crappie
COE St. Louis Co. 69056200 Bluegill Sunfish, Yellow Perch
COLBY St. Louis Co. 69024900 Bluegill Sunfish, Crappie
CRANE St. Louis Co. 69061600 Crappie, Yellow Perch
CRELLIN St. Louis Co. 69045900 Yellow Perch
CROOKED Anoka Co. 02008400 Bullhead
DAY St. Louis Co. 69090600 Crappie
DAYTON HOLLOW RES. Otter Tail Co. 56082400 Bluegill Sunfish
DOVRE St. Louis Co. 69060400 Yellow Perch
EAST Lake Co. 38002000 Yellow Perch
ED SHAVE St. Louis Co. 69019900 Yellow Perch
ELM ISLAND Aitkin Co. 01012300 Crappie
ELMO Washington Co. 82010600 Bluegill Sunfish, Crappie, Yellow Perch
EMBARRASS St. Louis Co. 69049600 Yellow Perch
FALL Lake Co. 38081100 Bluegill Sunfish, Yellow Perch
FRENCH Rice 66003800 Crappie
GEORGE Kandiyohi Co. 34014200 Yellow Perch
GLACIER Aitkin Co. 01004200 Bullhead
GRASS Lake Co. 38063500 Crappie
GREENWOOD Lake Co. 38065600 Yellow Perch
HARRIET Hennepin Co. 27001600 Crappie
HATTIE Stevens Co. 75020000 Crappie
ISLAND LAKE RES St. Louis Co. 69037200 Yellow Perch
JACK Lake Co. 38044100 Yellow Perch
JANE Washington Co. 82010400 Bullhead
JOHANNA Ramsey Co. 62007800 Bluegill Sunfish, Crappie
JOHNSON St. Louis Co. 69011700 Crappie
JOSEPHINE Ramsey Co. 62005700 Bullhead
KABETOGAMA St. Louis Co. 69084500 Crappie
KELSO Cook Co. 16070600 Yellow Perch
LEWIS Kanabec Co. 33003200 Bluegill Sunfish
LITTLE CASCADE Cook Co. 16034700 Yellow Perch
LITTLE MANTRAP Hubbard Co. 29031300 Bullhead
LITTLE SAND St. Louis Co. 69073200 Bluegill Sunfish
LITTLE VERMILION St. Louis Co. 69060800 Yellow Perch
LIZZIE Otter Tail Co. 56076000 Crappie
LONG Kandiyohi Co. 34019200 Bullhead
LONG St. Louis Co. 69076500 Yellow Perch
LONG LOST Clearwater Co. 15006800 Crappie
LOWER COMSTOCK St. Louis Co. 69041202 Crappie
LOWER PAUNESS St. Louis Co. 69046400 Yellow Perch
MASHKENODE St. Louis Co. 69072500 Crappie
MAUD Becker Co. 03050000 Bullhead
MAUDE St. Louis Co. 69059000 Yellow Perch
MINNEWASHTA Carver Co. 10000900 Bullhead
MINNIE-BELLE Meeker Co. 47011900 Bullhead
MOOSE St. Louis Co. 69080600 Crappie
MOULTON Aitkin Co. 01021200 Bullhead, Crappie
NEWTON Lake Co. 38078400 Yellow Perch
NOKAY Crow Wing Co. 18010400 Bluegill Sunfish
NORTH LIDA Otter Tail Co. 56074701 Bullhead
NORTH TWIN St. Louis Co. 69041900 Bluegill Sunfish, Crappie
OLE St. Louis Co. 69017500 Bluegill Sunfish, Yellow Perch
OLSON Washington Co. 82010300 Bullhead
ORCHARD Dakota Co. 19003100 Bullhead
OTTER TAIL Otter Tail Co. 56024200 Yellow Perch
OTTO St. Louis Co. 69014400 Yellow Perch
PAGE Stevens Co. 75001900 Yellow Perch
PAPOOSE Crow Wing Co. 18020600 Crappie
PICKET St. Louis Co. 69007900 Bluegill Sunfish
PIKE RIVER FLOWAGE St. Louis Co. 69058000 Yellow Perch
PLEASANT St. Louis Co. 69065500 Bullhead
POWDERHORN Hennepin Co. 27001400 Crappie
PRAIRIE Itasca Co. 31038400 Crappie
RAINY St. Louis Co. 69069400 Yellow Perch
RAT Aitkin Co. 01007700 Bullhead
REITZ Carver Co. 10005200 Crappie
ROUND Aitkin Co. 01007000 Bullhead, Crappie
SAGANAGA Cook Co. 16063300 Yellow Perch
SAND POINT St. Louis Co. 69061700 Crappie, Yellow Perch
SEVEN BEAVER St. Louis Co. 69000200 Yellow Perch
SHIPMAN BASS St. Louis Co. 69016800 Bluegill Sunfish
SILVER Olmsted Co. 55000300 Yellow Perch
SILVER St. Louis Co. 69066200 Crappie
SILVER ISLAND Lake Co. 38021900 Crappie
SPURZEM Hennepin Co. 27014900 Crappie
STEIGER Carver Co. 10004500 Bullhead, Crappie
STUART St. Louis Co. 69020500 Yellow Perch
STUMP Beltrami Co. 04013001 Bullhead, Yellow Perch
SUCKER Ramsey Co. 62002800 Bullhead
SWAMPER Cook Co. 16012800 Yellow Perch
TAMARACK Pine Co. 58002400 Bluegill Sunfish
TEE St. Louis Co. 69008300 Yellow Perch
TRILLIUM Cass Co. 11027000 Bullhead
TROUT Cook Co. 16004900 Yellow Perch
TWIN Hennepin Co. 27004200 Bluegill Sunfish, Crappie
UPPER COMSTOCK St. Louis Co. 69041201 Bluegill Sunfish, Crappie, Yellow Perch
UPPER PAUNESS St. Louis Co. 69046500 Yellow Perch
VALLEY (unnamed) Dakota Co. 19034800 Crappie
VILLARD Pope Co. 61006700 Crappie
VISTA Cook Co. 16022400 Yellow Perch
WHITE IRON St. Louis Co. 69000400 Crappie, Yellow Perch
WHITEFACE RES. St. Louis Co. 69037500 Yellow Perch
WINSTED McLeod Co. 43001200 Bluegill Sunfish, Crappie
WOLF St. Louis Co. 69014300 Crappie

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CEDAR R. above Mill Pond Dam, Austin Bullhead
LEECH LAKE R Cass Co. Yellow Perch
MISSISSIPPI R. Lake Itasca to Ottertail Power Dam Crappie
MISSISSIPPI R Red Wing to Kellogg Dam, Pool 4 Yellow Perch
UPPER IOWA R. Mower Co. Crappie

*DOWID is the Department of Natural Resources Division of Waters Lake ID Number.

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