Draft Proposed Rule Language
Minnesota Food Code Rule Revision

We continue to work with the Revisor to refine the language and make changes to the draft food code based on new information. As we receive new versions of chapters from the Revisor, we will post them on the Web page. All of these drafts are preliminary. If you wish to review any version and make comments, please free to do so. 

Please use the form below to submit comments, corrections and questions:

If you have any questions, please contact:

Linda Prail, Rule Coordinator
Email:  linda.prail@state.mn.us
Phone:  651-201-5792

Links to the most current draft revised chapters are included in the chart below. These drafts are not "Revisor Office" drafts. They are "department drafts". The format, organization and, possibly, some of the language will be different after the Revisor has reviewed and worked on the chapters.

Department Drafts Available for Viewing - Revised 07/14/2015
Chapter Title Language Link Rev
Posting Date Notes


1 Purpose and Definition Chapter
1 Draft
(PDF: 385KB/39 pages)
2 05/07/2015  
Draft 2 Management and Personnel Chapter
2 Draft
(PDF: 237KB/22 pages)
4 05/14/2015  
Draft 3 Food Chapter
3 Draft
(PDF: 856KB/78 pages)
3 06/24/2015  

New Draft

4 Equipment, Utensils, and Linens

4 Draft
(PDF: 559KB/50 pages)

3 08/04/2015 "4626.0505" and "4626.0506" added
Draft 5 Water, Plumbing, and Waste Chapter
5 Draft
(PDF: 249KB/20 pages)
4 05/14/2015  
Draft 6 Physical Facilities Chapter
6 Draft
(PDF: 188KB/18 pages)
2 05/07/2015  


7 Poisonous or Toxic Materials Chapter
7 Draft
(PDF: 99KB/7 pages)
3 05/07/2015 Minor Corrections


8 Compliance and Enforcement Chapter
8 Draft
(PDF: 181KB/20 pages)
3 05/07/2015 MInor Corrections
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