Wild Mushroom
Advisory Workgroup

During the course of the Food Code rule revision, a number of people approached MDH and MDA about the section of the code, Minnesota Rules 4616.0155 that regulates wild mushrooms. They wanted to work with the Departments to clarify and update the rule language and explore options for compliance with the requirements. An Advisory Workgroup has been formed to address this section of the code. The Workgroup members are mushroom producers, distributors, wholesalers, foragers, restaurant owners and chefs, regulators and others interested in mushrooms.

New Report

Previous Meeting Dates and Information

Wild Mushroom Rule Revision Advisory Workgroup - 4/11/2012

Additional Workgroup Member Information (PDF: 98KB/ 4pages)
Alan Bergo
Chef/Heartland Restaurant
Steve Netzman
Minnesota Mycological Society
Kim Carlton
Minnesota Department of Health
Scott Pampuch
Chef/Minnesota Valley Country Club
Kevin Doyle
Owner/Forest Mushrooms
Maddy Papermaster

Cynthia Forsberg

Linda Prail
Minnesota Department of Health
Robert Fulgency
President/North American Mycological Association
Dave Read
Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Valerie Gamble
Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Lenny Russo
Owner/Executive Chef/Heartland Restaurant

Lorna Girard
Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Pam Steinbach
Minnesota Department of Health
Bill Gunther
City of St. Paul
Dan Vassar
Hennepin County
Mike Kempenich
CEO/The Mikeology Store
Ann Walters
Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Katie Lampi
City of Minneapolis
Dave Wilsey
Assistant Professor/University Extension
Lynne Markus
Minnesota Department of Health
Kathy Yerich
Forager/Minnesota Mycological Society

If you have any questions, please contact Linda Prail at: (651) 201-5792 or linda.prail@state.mn.us.

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