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Safety Violation Pictures - Utensils, Equipment, Single Service, and Linen (U, E, SS, L)

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 1. Knife blocks are not approved.  2. Domestic equipment.
 3. Food storage bins not labeled, broken lids, and lids soiled.  4. Soiled waffle maker.
 5. Corrosion and moss on ice machine.  6. Soiled bar glass.
 7. Food scoop stored in food container.  8. Plastic cup used instead of approved ice scoop.
 9. Soiled pizza oven.  10. Black handled knife improperly stored.
 11. Improper storage of plastic ware.  12. Do not reuse cardboard boxes.
 13. Bar glasses placed on wiping cloths.  14. Soiled malt mixer.
 15. Dicer not thoroughly cleaned.  16. Broken chest freezer lid.
 17. Stained and damaged plastic cutting board.  18. Domestic equipment.
 19. Damaged rubber spatulas.  20. Food “containers” lack labels.
 21. Polishing bar glasses is approved, towel drying is not.  22. Wiping cloths not stored in sanitizing solution between uses.
 23. Broken (duct tapped) chest freezer lid, domestic freezer.  24. Corroded and soiled walk-in cooler shelving.
 25. Single-service containers placed on mop heads.  26. Soiled interior of microwave oven.
 27. Soiled bulk milk dispenser.  28. Interior of microwave oven corroded.
 29. Improper storage of knives.  30. Improper storage of knives and stained, deeply cut cutting boards.
 31. Food scoop handles in contact with food.  32. Soiled cooler door.
 33. Damaged and soiled cooler door gasket.  34. Chemical stored over single-service items.
 35. Interior of cooler soiled, door sill taped.  36. Mold accumulation on the interior of ice maker.
 37. Soiled cloth on lettuce.  38. Soil accumulation on stove top.
 39. Beverage straws stored under leaking drain line.  40. Cleaning equipment stored in clean utensil area.
 41. Improper food dispensing utensil, and stored in contact with food.  42. Food slicer and counter soiled.
 43. Food dispensing utensil (cup) handle in contact with food.  44. Deeply cut and stained cutting board.
 45. Deteriorated caulk, mold, and mineral accumulation in ice maker.  


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